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Liquor Tax Law standardizes ‘tokutei meishu’ (sake with designated names)
into eight categories due to ingredients and processes of production.
This site currently introduces three kinds of sake: ‘junmai dai ginjo’, ‘junmai ginjo’ and ‘junmai shu’.

Sparkling Sake

Among the "tokutei meishu" standardized by Liquor Tax Law, sparkling sake can be fully inserted in the "Junmai" category, otherwhise is made simply from water and rice. It tends to have a lower alcohol content than normal sake. Sparkling sakes are mostly under 10%, but the range can be from 4 to 16%. All the Sake actually contains bubbles when they are made. As the yeast eats sugar, it releases carbon dioxide, but then the carbon dioxide is been released in to the air, leaving the sake flat. The fermentation process is similar to how champagne or sparkling wines are made. Is similar also to the traditional tank fermentation, but instead of making Sake bubbly in a tank, it happens in a bottle by putting active lees/yeast. This type of Sake tends to be cloudy.

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    Sparkling Sake
    Hanabi – Sparkling Sake