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‘Kumaraju’is the name of a legendary Chinese priest who translated Buddhist scriptures in the early years of the North and South Dynasties
(in 350-409 A.D.).

Renouncing at the young age of seven, within ten years, it is said that he translated scriptures as well as fostered more than 3,000 disciples. In the Eastern Asia, Buddhism was basically fixed on its course by Kumaraju, and today his Chinese translation of the Buddhist scriptures are still considered
To be the best. Thus, some say that the success of Buddhism in Eastern Asia today owes a lot to his work, and his accurate and elaborate choice of words.

Known as a child prodigy from his childhood, this single person even became a cause for war. Gradually, Mahayana Buddhism spread across Asia through the Silk Road and was introduced to Japan in the Far East.
So, this legendary person who came to be highly influential in the Buddhist culture which was transmitted from west to east.

This sake, ‘Kumaraju’ was named after this priest, in the hope of living up to his name. We hope that many people get to know this beautiful sake, ‘junmai ginjo’ Kumaraju, all over the world and revere the name of a man who brought a great influence to the world.