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Kaguwa is a beautiful sake like fragrant sweet-smelling flowers.
Each flower on the bottles of Kaguwa has a special meaning in Japanese culture.

The "Kiku" on the Junmai Daiginjo bottle is a representative flower of Japan.
Kiku stands for nobility and also adorns the royal crest of the Emperor of Japan.

The “Sakura” on the Junmai Ginjo bottle is a representative flower of Japan too.
Sakura is a special word for the Japanese. It represents success and passing an exam.

The “Tsubaki” drawn on the Junmai-shu bottle is a one of the prefectural flowers of Niigata.
Since ancient times, Tsubaki stands for protection from harm.

The sake yeast manufactured by the brewery gives the sake of Koshinohana-shuzo its fresh, elegant and fruity flavors.

  • Koshinohana Sake Brewery
    Junmai shu
    KAGUWA – Junmaishu – Tsubaki
  • Koshinohana Sake Brewery
    Junmai Ginjo
    KAGUWA – Junmai Ginjo – Sakura
  • Koshinohana Sake Brewery
    Junmai Daiginjo
    KAGUWA – Junmai Daiginjo KIKU