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Mina-san Konnichiwa!

Today we would like to share with you our experience with Hanabi Sparkling Wine.

First of all, this sake is best served very very chilled, literally like champagne.

At first sip, it seems more like a soft-drink, since you will not feel the strong alcohol-taste that characterizes some kinds of japanese sakes. Hanabi has a nice sweet, floral taste with a bit of sourness, since has no added sugar (of course, the sweetness come only from the purest rice of Niigata prefecture).

Compared to normal Sake, the alcohol content is lower and the sweet taste made it very easy to drink. Since normal Sake has rather high alcohol content and its distinct flavor is not suitable for everyone, Hanabi Sparkling Sake can be fully enjoyed even from those who do not like rich taste of japanese sake, like women and sake beginners.

We tried it with traditional Nabe Ryouri (japanese hot-pot steam cooking) mainly of fish, and with fresh sashimi served in a traditional restaurant in Niigata.

The taste of Hanabi Sparkling Sake goes well also with white meat and light vegetable meals.

Enjoy New Year`s Eve with HANABI SPARKLING SAKE!

It`s almost December, and there is about a month until the end of the year.

Are you getting on with preparations for New Year`s Eve? 

What about adding an exotic touch of fizzy sparkle to you celebrations with Hanabi Sparkling Sake ?



Hanabi Sparkling Sake is made from rice, pure water and koji, and is really similar to champagne, but even easier to drink.

Suited  for those who don’t really like the distinct sake aroma and flavor, Hanabi Sparkling Sake is good enough with meals or even alone.

Niigata Sake no Jin 2017

The 13th Niigata Sake no Jin, Battle of Sake was held on March 11th and 12th 2017. 85 breweries from across Niigata prefecture came together at Toki Messe, Wave Market. Sake was flowing incessantly for 2 days and Sake lovers from all over Japan and overseas flocked to enjoy this beautiful drink. Over 130000 people visited Sake no Jin this year.

Niigata Sake no Jin started in 2004 based on the famous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. It has gathered vast popularity over the last 13 years. Niigata specializes for sake made from polished rice which is fermented slowly in the harsh winter, using the purest sources of water that have been gifted to this region by Mother Nature.

Junmai Daiginjo, Daiginjo, Junmai shu, Namazake, Umeshu, Amazake, Liqueur and more, you say the name and it was there! Little sake cups called Ochoko in their hands, guests were walking around from booth to booth, tasting and purchasing delicious sake. With the weather outside still swinging between wintery cold and sunny spring, the event venue almost looked like a park on the day of hanami.

Every brewery showcased their proud productions in cold and hot (atsukan) varieties.

Onigiri, Sushi, roasted fish, ramen, Motsu-ni (a pork dish using miso and sake) and many more delicacies accompanied the sake. If you saw a long queue, it was definitely for one of these delicious fares. You could also buy sake byproducts such as sakasuke and sakekasu at the brewery booths.

Stage shows, contests, seminars on sake tasting and sake accompaniments were held throughout the event. On day 2, guests were serenaded by traditional sake songs sung by the kurabito (brewers) during the production process.

You could also purchase traditional and modern designs of sake cups and even try your hand at traditional Japanese pottery. The one interesting product that literally made a place for itself near many sake lovers’ hearts was this Ochoko holder with a neck strap. It made the tasting parade so much easier and stylish and almost hands free. J While strolling between booths, you could just let the Ochoko hang around your neck and enjoy each swig leisurely.

The best thing about tasting all these sake at one place on the same day is to be able to compare the fine nuances of their varied taste. The beauty of sake flavors is very much like a snowflake falling on your palm. It has an ethereal beauty about it but it vanishes just as you are appreciating it, leaving you wanting more. With a clear color and crisp flavor, Niigata sake specially scores high on this quality. This is what also makes it an amazing companion to fruit liqueurs such as Umeshu. We could taste one of the best and simplest Umeshu and Sake mixtures at this event.

Even though the event takes its concept from the German beer festival, the way sake is enjoyed is very different from that of beer. Sake tasting is much closer to wine tasting while it is served in a small cup just like a vodka shot. But beware! You don’t chug the little cup down in one go like vodka. It is meant to be savored in small sips, letting your tongue feel the sweet, dry and aromatic flavors in stages. The cup also makes a lot of difference to the tasting experience. Depending on the thickness of the brim and the material, the taste may get enhanced or altered beyond imagination. The same goes with the temperature. Warming up the sake brings out the aroma and starts tickling your palate even before you take the swig. Whereas, a cold swig brings out the clarity and sharpness.

The brewers proudly presented their creations to the visitors and when they saw the smile of appreciation on people’s faces, their faces lit up with a satisfaction and pride for their special sakes. There were many breweries who unfurled the curtain on their soon to be launched labels. So if you were one of the lucky ones to have visited these booths, you can proudly say that you were one of the first people to taste their sake.

But if you missed this opportunity, do not worry! In March 2018, Sake no Jin battlefield will welcome you again to Niigata to experience this amazing world of Niigata local sake. Until then, Maboroshino Sake will keep bringing the world of Niigata local sake to your doorstep!



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There are 90 Sakagura in Niigata Prefecture, each creating their unique and delicious sake. The delicate flavor and aroma of these sake is loved by the local people since long ago.

Apart from the Sake that is most well known across the country, Niigata is home to many more delicious sake that are pieces of art in themselves. However, most of these varieties of Niigata local SAKE are consumed only locally.

This delicious sake born from Niigata’s rice, snow melted water and rich nature and nurtured by expert hands of the Echigo Touji brewers needed to be taken to people all over the world. This was the motive behind our internet shopping service through which we are trying to promote Niigata’s local sake production.

With great pleasure, we would like to convey to you this feeling of gratitude and happiness for nature’s bounty in Niigata through the elegant aroma, delicately smooth taste and clean finish of Niigata sake.