About us

Store specializing in Niigata Jizake
We export Niigata Jizake to the World

There are 90 Sakagura in Niigata Prefecture, each creating their unique and delicious sake.
The delicate flavor and aroma of these sake is loved by the local people since long ago.
Apart from the Sake that is most well known across the country,
Niigata is home to many more delicious sake varieties that are pieces of art in themselves.
However, most of these Jizake or varieties of Niigata local SAKE are consumed only locally.
This delicious sake born from Niigata’s rice, snow melted water and rich nature
and nurtured by expert hands of the Echigo Touji brewers needed to be taken to people all over the world.
This was the motive behind our internet shopping service
through which we are trying to promote Niigata’s local sake production.
With great pleasure, we would like to convey to you this feeling of gratitude and happiness for nature’s bounty in Niigata
through the elegant aroma, delicately smooth taste and clean finish of Niigata sake.

Maboroshinosake Co.,Ltd.
President Shinichi Matsumoto

Corporate History

Apr.1938 Matsumoto Shouten was founded in Niigata city, Igakuchou.
Dec.2000 Maboroshinosake Co. Ltd was founded by Mr. Shinichi Matsumoto
Mar.2001 Rakuten Store (Store Code 4755) was opened for online shopping service
Apr.2001 The store website (Maboroshinosake.com)was launched.
July 2001 Started the foods and beverages sales business with J-league.
April 2003 Started Japanese Sake BAR with V. O. S. Co. Ltd.
May 2003 Capital fund raised to JPY 14 million
June 2003 Niigata Higashi store opened
Jun.2004 Newly obtained wholesaler license and opened wholesale office is Nagaoka
August 2004 Opened Niigata Products Center in Yamato Transport’s Kurosaki Center
May.2005 Opened Yahoo! Store (Store Code 4689)
July 2005 Moved the headquarters to Sakai Sunayama
January 2006 Declared company mission to revive the Japanese Sake culture
February 2006 Moved the headquarters to Terao
August 2007 Moved the headquarters to the original founding ground of Igakuchou
Sep.2007 Introduced Kanreki Iwai (60th Birthday Celebration) gift service
Sep.2008 Commenced business with Shaddy Co. Ltd. (Store Code 8048)
September 2008 Capital fund raised to JPY 34 million
November 2008 Capital fund raised to JPY 41 million
March 2009 Obtained utility model patent for Name print sake (on the sake packaging) with newspaper of the birth date
May 2009 Capital fund raised to JPY 46 million
February 2012 Received SME IT practice certification 2012
March.2012 Moved headquarters to Hakusan-ura, Chuo Ward, Niigata city
September 2012 Won the national level 1st position in drinks section, E-store Summer 2012
Nov.2013 Opened `Hakkou Sakekasu Minori` specialty store in Furumachi, Niigata city
January.2014 Transferred the wholesaler license to Yamanoshita, Higashi ward, Niigata city
March 2014 Received National Level Gold Medal in E-Store Net shop Awards 2013
October 2014 tarted exporting Niigata local Sake
March 2015 Won Gold medal in Net shop Awards 2014
December 2015 Opened Italian wine speciality store Felion in Hotel Italian Ken
July 2016 Took over restaurant Furumachi Ryutoan
July 2016 Won the Local Speciality Product Award in Rakuten EXPO Awards 2016
September 2016 Our ‘Name Print Sake with Anniversary Newspaper’ won the Good Design Award 2016

Corporate Profile

Company Name Maboroshinosake Co.,Ltd.
Foundation Date December 28, 2000
Capital (JPY) 46,000,000
Location Head Office
1-28 Hakusanura 2-chome, Chuouku, Niigata 951-8131 JAPAN
TEL +81 (0)25-378-2631 FAX +81 (0)25-378-2632
Wholesale Department 1-22 Yamanoshitamachi, Higashiku, Niigata 950-0057 JAPAN
TEL +81 (0)25-384-4362 FAX +81 (0)25-384-4363
Italian Wine Speciality Store (Felion) Hotel ItaliaKen Basement, 1574, 7 Ban Chou
Nishiboridoori Street Chuo Ward Niigata 951-8061
TEL: +81 (0)25-211-8968 FAX: +81 (0)25-211-8978
Directors and Auditors CEO Mr.Shinichi Matsumoto
Executive Officer Mr. Hidekazu Tsurumaki
Executive Officer Ms. Hiromi Okumura
Executive Officer Mr. Shunsuke Endo
Employees 14 (Including part time employees) as of September 2018
Business Outline Sake wholesalers, Sake retail business,
Import and export business, Online Sake retailing business,
Foods and beverages
Banks Main Bank Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Ltd., Niigata Branch
Other banks
Daishi Bank, Furumachi Branch
Hokuetsu,Ltd. Furumachi Branch
Niigata Prefecture Credit Union, Main Branch
Business Connection Ikeura Shuzo, Ishimoto Shuzo, Ichijima Shuzo,
Imayotsukasa Shuzo, Echigo Tsurukame Shuzo, Ofuku Shuzo,
Onda Shuzo, Kaetsu Shuzo, Kaganoi Shuzo, Kanemasu Shuzo,
Kiminoi Shuzo, Kinshihai Shuzo, Koshinohana Shuzo,
Kondou Shuzo, Sasaiwai Shuzo, Shiokawa Shuzo, Taiyo Shuzo,
Takanoi Shuzo, Takano Shuzo, Takahashi Shuzo, Takeda Shuzo,
Nakagawa Shuzo, Hakuryu Shuzo, Hakuro Shuzo, Hasegawa Shuzo,
Fukui Shuzo, Fukugao Shuzo, Fujinoi Shuzo, Hokusetsu Shuzo,
Myoukou Shuzo, Yahiko Shuzo, Yohsikawatouji no Sato,
Yomiuri Shinbun (Yomiuri Plus), Shaddy
We export to United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam
Website (Japanese) https://www.maboroshinosake.com/
Website (English) https://niigatalocalsake.com/
Website (Rakuten Page) https://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/niigata/
Website (Yahoo! Page) https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/present/
60th birthday gift order https://www.maboroshinosake.com/present/kanreki60/

Corporate Philosophy

Managerial philosophy
We shall contribute to the society through the sale of sake. Maboroshi no Sake is the Sake that strikes a chord.
Strategic philosophy
We want to reach out to people all over the world with Maboroshi no Sake.
Business philosophy
We shall spread the sake tradition through pursuit of information technology.
Personnel philosophy
We strive to nurture human resources with an open attitude towards challenges and willingness to accomplish goals.
Mission towards our customers
We dedicate ourselves to strike a chord with our customers through the three ‘en’s of feasting, bonding and circle by spreading the Sake culture through the sales of ‘Maboroshi no Sake’.
Mission for the industry
With a continuous development and provision of advanced services, we strive to raise the social status of the entire sake industry while continuing to enhance the value of our company as we also continue to be pioneers taking new initiatives.
Vision for the future
We shall always bring you the latest and the best of services. We shall contribute to the society through our work and human resource development.